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September, 2004 issue in brief

Editorial: “What Kind of State, What Kind of Culture?”
Continuity of the Armenian culture has always been preserved in Armenia, but the Armenian statehood has not always been preserved. Although we have restored independent statehood, still it is not clear what kind of military, economic, social, psychological and cultural defense, what kind of national security system do we need.

Happy birthday to you, “Shrjadardz”
On June 12, in the large hall of the Patriotic Public Organization “Veratsnndi Hamakhmbum”, presentation of
the Pan-Armenian Journal “Shrjadardz” was organized.

Website of Pan-Armenian Journal “Shrjadardz”
A press release informing that since July, 2004, it will possible to read the journal in the Internet (www.shrjadardz. hayastan.com).

Hasmik Goulakian, “Modern Norms of International Philanthropic Right and Their Reflection in the History of Armenian Wars”
In the Interview Major Souren Martikian, Competitor of the Institute of History of the National Academy of
Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, factually substantiates that scientists studying International Philanthropic Right have neglected this page of history of the Armenian nation, which has ancient traditions in War Right.

Amalia Yedigarian, “Shahoumian Remained as Murmur on the Lips of the People of Shahumian...”
12 years ago, with the help of the Soviet Army units and police detachments having special functions, Azerbaijanians forced the Armenians to leave South Artsakh, and the local Armenian population was spread
throughout the world.

Ruzanna Mangasarian, “Karabagh: Social Problems in Artsakh in the Current Transition Period”
The author, who is Candidate of Economic Science, Assistant Professor, basing on the data of the National-
Statistic Service of Nagorno-Karabagh Republic, analyses the social-economic situation of the country and suggests means for poverty reduction.

We in the Foreign Press
Bibliographical data of the publications appearing in the foreign press, related to Armenia and the Armenian
nation, are represented.

Emma Begijanian, “Unprecedented Increase of the Price of Petroleum-oil and Its Reasons”
Basing on all-embracing data, analyst interprets the increase of the price of petroleum-oil in the international
market, which is conditioned by the interests of petroleum- oil processing large-scale companies. According to the author, the increase of the price of petroleum-oil is advantageous to the USA.

Georgian “Brotherly” Expansionism
Reprinting from the Georgian newspaper “Georgian Times” (the article is entitled: “To be Ready for Everything” (Tbilisie,15-22.04.2004). In the article a viewpoint is expressed according to which in case of the possible collapse of Turkey the greatest danger to Georgia will be expected from Armenia.

Hasmik Goulakian, “We are not the owners of what we have not built in Armenia”
Interview with Samuel Karapetian, Director of Yerevan Office for Studies of the Armenian Architecture,
about the Armenian Mayors of Tiflis. According to the written data, till the year of 1917, 45 of the 47 Mayors of
Tiflis have been Armenians. Whereas the memory of none of them is presently preserved in the city.

“One Nation, One Culture”
On August 14-23, 2004, Pan-Armenian “One Nation, One Culture” took place in the Republic of Armenia.

Gagik Ginossian, “Some Issues Relating the Armenian Choreography”
In the article the Director of the Song and Dance Ensemble “Karin” speaks about the Armenian national dance. In his opinion we have trespassed against the Armenian Dance, have lost touch with our roots. He calls for regenerating the Armenian national dance.

Gevork Yazejian, “The Best Friends of Oriental Studies”
The author tells about the support of “Arsen and Bersabe Jerejian” Foundation of the USA to the Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia. The support is lasting already for several years. After the death of the Foundation’s President, Arsen Jerejian, his son, Edward Jerejian, is continuing the worthwhile work of his father.

Gevork Yazejian, “Praiseworthy Initiative”
The author presents the CD “Door of Hope: Dedicated to the Family” issued upon the initiative of “Roupen
Zartarian” Branch of the Educational-Cultural Organization “Hamazgayin”. The author accords importance to this initiative in our days. For more information please visit the website www.roupenzartarian.com.

“Armenian-French Dictionary”, “French-Armenian Dictionary”
French Armenian Takvor Takvorian has issued two voluminous dictionaries: “Armenian-French Dictionary” and “French-Armenian Dictionary”.

Bogdan Janian, “Bagrat’s Widow”
The old friend of Bagrat Ulubabian has written an essay about Ulubabians’ family, whose home intellectuals
of Armenia and Diaspora had turned into an assemble place thanks to the historian’s hospitable wife.

Editorial staff thanks for the first presents it has received: the book “Memoirs of My Life” by Kirakos Tonikian, and the collections “Bear up” and “With Love” by Hracho (Hrachia Matevossian).

New publications
Bibliographical data and the brief summary of the new publications issued in the Republic of Armenia and in
abroad during the last months relating to the Armenian nation’s values’ system, are presented.

Souren Manoukian, Armenian Chronology
The most important events in the life of the Armenian nation which have taken place in May-July, 2004.


September 2004


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